The Mommy & Me classes at The Happy Hatchlings are influenced by the innovative FenKid Concept established 1998 in Munich, Germany. It focuses on the individuality and specific needs of our child through observing, appreciating, valuing, recognizing and sharing the moment with our child. FenKid is related to the pedagogical concepts of Maria Montessori, Jesper Juul, Emmi Pikler and Elfriede Hengsternberg.

The Happy Hatchlings curriculum also includes the bestselling books The Happy Sleeper and Now Say This co-authered by Julie Wright a licensed psychotherapist. The Happy Sleeper a science-backed guide to helping your baby get a good night’s sleep has been a game-changer for countless families. The mindful approach is explained in detail and you will get the support to establish the routines if you feel it is a fit for your family.

During a typical class we sing with the babies, do a little mediation to relax the moms, observe the babies to learn how to read your child, discuss topics according to the babies age like sleep, introducing solids, milestones, separation anxiety, attachment, limit setting, language acquisition and many more. You will also have the time to ask any questions and connect with each other to build a strong support system among new moms.

Program has 4 ongoing 8-week sessions

One class is 75min long

Babies are about 4 weeks to 13 month old

$350 per session (includes 8 classes)

The Happy Hatchlings Mommy & Me program features some extra specials:

  • a pelvic floor fitness specialist and a pelvic floor physical therapist will be the special guest speakers on the topic pelvic floor dysfunction & will perform a diastasis check for the moms who want it
  • fun optional pop-up photo shootings to capture baby’s cuteness – pictures by familiy photographer Danny by the Sea
  • the Happy Sleeper approach, the bestselling science-backed giude to helping your baby get a good night sleep and improve sleep for the whole family- Yvonne was trainded personally by co-auther Julie Wright
  • while the mommy&me classes are not a therapy group, all feelings related to motherhood are discussed and whoever feels the need for extra support will get referrals for local therapists, specialized in postpartum depression & anxiety
  • for the moms who wish to take one a discounted infant CPR class will be refered to and organiezed from a seperate organisation